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Why should I come to Dementedpanda.com?

What is this site?

This site is a source of original zany content created by the webmaster or his friends. If you are new to this site you probably have no idea where to go or what this site has to offer you.

Well, this site has Flash Animations, Videos, Music, Articles, Comics, and a discussion group (forum).

On our site, we try to make our content as non-offensive as we possibly can offer. So, we mark all potentially offensive content as Not Work Suitable which are marked with  NWS.

Since you are probably wondering what content to check out first, the following is the most popular content on the site:

1. Flash Videos
If you are checking out this site, the first and most popular thing we offer are the flash videos. The following is a list of the "best" we offer thus far:
Amburgers and Wootbeer
Retard Cola

Pink Panther  NWS
Daddy Would you like some Sausage!?
No Fat Chicks
The Panda Song!
Use a Hoe!



2. Videos
The one thing that a lot of people seem to ignore are the videos on this site which can even be more entertaining than the flash videos. The newest segment is called monthly stupid where we do something stupid for that month and present it to the viewers of the site. The rest to follow are videos which are the most popular:
Real Lemon Juice Video
Earth Monster!

The Heman Video
Featuring "The Ninja Movie"
3. Uncle's Komik Korner
Uncle's Komik Korner is a web comic which was made by my good friend aka Uncle Daryl. There is a page which best outlines the humor which his Komik's tend to convey:
Click here for the Best of Uncle's Komik Korner

For now, that's basically all we have to offer. I hope that the journey enlightened you to check out the site a little more thorough.
Dementedpanda.com is going to keep growing as new projects will be done before the end of the year.

Yours Truly,

Jonny C. aka Jonneh


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